Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 14

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Fill in the gerund with the correct preposition.


  • She is looking forward ____ his aunt in Chicago. (visit)
  • My wife is keen ____ pop songs. (sing)


  • She is looking forward to visiting his aunt in Chicago. (visit)
  • My wife is keen on singing pop songs. (sing)

1. His mother was excited to Africa. (go)

2. The secretary carried the letter. (type)

3. The construction workers worried their jobs. (lose)

4. They tried to cope in bad weather. (work)

5. The pupil is known problems. (cause)

6. My wife apologized late. (be)

7. The teacher always keeps his timetable. (complain)

8. I insisted the dog for a walk myself. (take)

9. The teenager is addicted TV. (watch)

10. The actor is famous crazy once in a while. (be)


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