Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 13

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1. Jack: Do you know about the most famous sport in the world?
Bob: Yes. That is Olympic games.
Jack: Yeah. I ____ with you.
2. Budi: Are they Roni and Ode?
Juki: Yes, they are.
Budi: Where are they going?
Juki: I think they ____ fishing.
Budi: I love fishing. Let's join them.
3. Mark: This is my painting, Sir.
Mr. Rudolph: Wow, I think it is ____ one.
Mark: Thank you.
4. James: Which one is better, traveling by taxi or a bus?
Alexa: Of course by taxi, but traveling by bus ____ than a taxi.
5. Tylor: Why does your father like living in the countryside?
Eva: Because it is ____ living in the city.
6. Rosa: Do you like listening to the radio?
Linda: Yes, I often listen to the BBC.
Rosa: I do too. But I think the afternoon broadcast is ____ than the morning.
Linda: You are right.
7. Budi beats Hoyer-Larsen of Denmark at the Sanyo Indonesia Open Badminton Championships because he played ____ than Hoyer- Larsen
8. Andy: Do you like pizza?
Wiliam: No I don't. How about you?
Andy: ____
9. Zack: ____
Smith: Neither can I.
10. Harry: I have never been to Bali. How about you?
James: ____


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