Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 10

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1. Tomy, Jane, Mark, Sarah ____ smart students.
2. A: Hello, my name is Alice Wong
B: Hi, I'm Susan Crane.
A: Sorry, ____.
B: It's C-R-A-N-E
3. Are you a doctor? No, I ____ a dentist.
4. A: Hi, his name is David Foster.
B: ____
5. ____ your brother and sister ____ four languages?
6. Bob's niece is very cute. ____ name is Mia.
7. Most of us ____ 24 SKS this semester.
8. What are they doing right now?
9. Irene: What will you do on next week?
Daniel: I ____ my grandmother .
10. What is he doing in the garden?


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