Latihan soal bahasa Inggris materi campuran 1

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1. Since Marlo is a presenter, he is used to ____ in front of the spectators.
2. The environtmental group hopes ____ the forest to its original condition by the end of the decade.
3. ____ a new language can be very interesting.
4. At New Year's Eve ____ continued until early in the morning.
5. After attending the wedding party, Dona continued ____ the meal and having dinner with her family.
6. The new employees are furious ____ the news about their delaying salary.
7. While ____ to buy the concert ticket, the man with the beard stole the young lady's purse.
8. We decided to stay home because Sita wasn't very keen on ____ out in the rain.
9. Response: I used to, but I resigned my membership. The sentence that could generate the response indicated:
10. Henry Ford revolutionized production management by ____ into small steps on a moving line.


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