Latihan soal linking verbs 1

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Complete the following dialogue with taste, smell, look, get, seem, become, grow, sound, feel. Put these linking verbs in appropriate tenses.

A : You quite cheerful.

B : Yes, you’re right. I got the highest scores in all subjects in this semester. And 1 celebrated my success in McDonald.

A : I see. How do you today?

B : I very happy and satisfied.

A : By the way, how do you like the food in McDonald?

B : It good and it nice too. Even it more delicious.

A : Really? I think the weather warm these days. It rained a week ago, but it fine now.

B : That’s correct. Do you have anything to do next Saturday afternoon? Can you come with me to McDonald? I want to treat you.

A : That great. OK, I will be looking forward to it. Thanks.

B : Good. It late now. I must be off and go home soon. The day begins to dark.

A : OK. See you on Saturday afternoon.


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