Latihan soal UN bahasa Inggris SMP kelas 9 (part 4)

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Text 18

Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) is one of the Australia's unique animals that have pockets (marsupials) like a kangaroo. The name of Koala comes from the aboriginal language which means "not drinking". It is because Koala rarely drinks water. They rely on water contained in eucalyptus leaves. They can be found along the eastern coast of Australia from Adelaide to Cape York Peninsula. They can also be found far inside the jungle. They live in areas which have enough rainfalls.

They have a distinctive body shape. They have thick and soft fur and wide cars. They also have large claws for climbing trees. The body weight is different from one another. For example, the males can reach 14 kg, while the females in the northern part weight only 5 kg.

They spend all their time at the top of the tree. They are quiet animals and do not like a fuss. They spend 20 hours each day to sleep. However, during the mating season, they become more active. Even the males can emit a loud sound and can be heard up to a radius of 1 km.

In the wild, they only eat eucalyptus leaves. They contain low protein phenolic and terpene compounds. These compounds can be toxic to other animals. However, they can neutralize those toxins in their heart. They usually eat at night because during the day, they always fall asleep. They generally spend about 500 grams of eucalyptus leaves per day. They will chew it till smooth before swallowing it.

1. How can Koala survive although they seldom drink ?
2. What is the main idea of paragraph 4 ?
3. The text tells us about koalas in terms of which of the following ?
4. The underlined word in "Even the males can emit a loud sound ..... (paragraph 3)" is closest in meaning to ____

Text 19

How to Upload Video to YOUTUBE using Your Mobile Phone

  1. Open your video using video player on your device.
  2. Press the SHARE button. Find the SHARE button on your device.
  3. Select YOUTUBE from SHARE menu. Press the YOUTUBE button to share your video. You may need to sign in if necessary.
  4. Give it a title. Type a descriptive and interesting title for your video.
  5. Describe the video. Explain a short description about the video.
  6. Tag the video. Add tags in order to make the video appear in other viewers' searches.
  7. Select the privacy setting. Choose whether the video will be uploaded publicly, privacy or unlisted.
  8. Click the Upload or Publish setting. Once you have your privacy setting and description set, upload the video by clicking the Publish or Upload button.
5. If we can do all in the text successfully, we will be able to ____
6. What should you do to modify the privacy settings of your video ?
7. ____ publish the video, we have to click the privacy setting.

Text 20

Many years ago, the sea tasted like ordinary rainwater so it was tasteless. The people living in the islands did not have salt for their food but, luckily, they knew about a friendly giant who kept mounds of salt in his cave. People would cross the ocean with their boats to reach the giant's island, and that was how they were able to bring salt back to their villages in order to prepare more delicious meals.

One day the ocean was quite rough for several days so they could not sail out to gather salt. They eventually ran out of salt and the villagers could no longer enjoy their tasteless meals. They wondered how they could get salt again. A child suggested them to ask the giant to stretch out his legs over the ocean so that they could walk on his legs to his island. The kind-hearted giant agreed, and the villagers with empty salt sacks walked along the giant's legs.

Unfortunately, the giant's feet landed on an ant hill, and the dangerous red ants started biting his enormous legs. The giant felt hurt, but they still managed to arrive at the giant's island to get the salt. On their way back home, the giant asked the people to hurry up, but the heavy salt sacks slowed them down.

Before the villagers could make it back to their island, the giant cried out and push his ant-bitten feet into the ocean. All the packed salt fell into the plain-water sea and dissolved. The giant saved the people from drowning, but no one was able to get the spilled salt again. From that day, the sea became salty.

(adapted from: tales/)

8. What does the text tell us about ?
9. What is the main idea of paragraph 4 ?
10. Why did the giant pull his foot off and put it into the ocean ?


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