Latihan soal UN bahasa Inggris SMP kelas 9 (part 3)

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Dorothy Hodgkin was a British chemist. She was born on May 12, 1910, in Cairo, Egypt. Her determination to study the structure of penicillin and vitamin brought her the 1964 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Her work on critical discoveries of the structure of both penicillin and later insulin led to significant improvements in health care.

Dorothy Hodgkin was the eldest of four sisters whose parents worked in North Africa and the Middle East as archaeologists. She was sent to England for her education, therefore she spent much of her childhood away from her parents. But it was her mother who especially encouraged Hodgkin to pursue her interest in crystals that she first displayed at age 10.

Dorothy Hodgkin studied at a state secondary school in the small town of Suffolk. She fought to be allowed to study science along with the boys. She succeeded and was later accepted in 1928 to pursue a degree in chemistry at University of Oxford. She was one of the first scientists who studied the structure ofan organic compound by using X-ray crystallography.

An Australian pathologist, Howard Florey, who shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology on Medicine with Alexander Fleming and his colleagues at Oxford succeeded in isolating penicillin. He asked Hodgkin to solve its structure. By l945 she did her job. Hodgkin's work on penicillin was recognized by the Royal Society, Britain's premier scientific academy, in 1947. That was only two years after a woman had been elected for the first time.


1. "He asked Hodgkin to solve its structure." (last paragraph)
The underlined word refers to ____
2. ".... who especially encouraged Hodgkin to pursue her interest ...." (paragraph 2)
The underlined word closest in meaning to ____

Text 15

Dear Hanna,

Can you pick me up? I have just landed safely at the airport. I am on my way to take my luggage.

I will be waiting in the passenger lounge.

Thanks, dear.

3. Why does Mom send the message ?
4. Hanna's mother sent the message while she was ____

Text 16

Questions refer to the following text:

5. The function of the text is ____
6. We can assume that the product is ____

Text 17

Takatuliang, the Woodcarver

Long time ago, on the island of Simbau, in the Celebes Sea, lived a king and his beautiful daughter. Not only was the princess beautiful, but she was also wise and kind.

Many princes wanted to marry the king's daughter and this made the king confused. He, then, announced a contest. Whoever presented the princess with the most valuable gift would marry her.

Takatuliang, a poor woodcarver, wanted to join the contest, but he was so poor that he had nothing to present. Then, he went far into the forest. There he chose the best tree and carved it into a doll. Next, he took an old piece of cloth and sewed it into a dress for the doll. After that, he cut his own hair and glued it to the doll's head.

On the contest day, all of the princes gathered before the king and the princess. One by one, they presented their gifts: diamonds, silk, gold, jewelry, and other expensive gifts. Then came Takatuliang's turn.
"What do you have?" asked the princess.
"I bring only a doll," said Takatuliang softly.
"How many dolls like this do you have?" asked the princess again.
"Only this one. I carved it myself and decorated it with my own hair and my father's old cloth. He already died and this is the only thing he left for me," answered Takatuliang.

The princess was very touched to hear Takatuliang's story. She decided to marry Takatuliang because he had presented everything he had. Together, Takatuliang and the princess lived happily ever after.

7. What can we learn from the story above ?
8. Why did Takatuliang carve a doll as a gift ?

Text 18

Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) is one of the Australia's unique animals that have pockets (marsupials) like a kangaroo. The name of Koala comes from the aboriginal language which means "not drinking". It is because Koala rarely drinks water. They rely on water contained in eucalyptus leaves. They can be found along the eastern coast of Australia from Adelaide to Cape York Peninsula. They can also be found far inside the jungle. They live in areas which have enough rainfalls.

They have a distinctive body shape. They have thick and soft fur and wide cars. They also have large claws for climbing trees. The body weight is different from one another. For example, the males can reach 14 kg, while the females in the northern part weight only 5 kg.

They spend all their time at the top of the tree. They are quiet animals and do not like a fuss. They spend 20 hours each day to sleep. However, during the mating season, they become more active. Even the males can emit a loud sound and can be heard up to a radius of 1 km.

In the wild, they only eat eucalyptus leaves. They contain low protein phenolic and terpene compounds. These compounds can be toxic to other animals. However, they can neutralize those toxins in their heart. They usually eat at night because during the day, they always fall asleep. They generally spend about 500 grams of eucalyptus leaves per day. They will chew it till smooth before swallowing it.

9. What is the text about ?


10. to marry (1) because (2) the wood carver (3) was touched (4) she (5) the princess (6) by his sincerity (7) decided (8)
The best arrangement of the words to make a sentence is ____


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