Latihan soal UN bahasa Inggris SMP kelas 9 (part 1)

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Text 7

1. What is the purpose of the notice ?
2. What would probably happen if people obey the notice ?

Text 8

Nowadays museum becomes a great and valuable tourist object. There are many museums in Indonesia, one of which is the Aceh Tsunami Museum. It is located on Jalan Iskandar Muda Street, Aceh. The Museum building has adopted the traditional raised Aceh House.

Stepping inside, one will find a narrow corridor with water flowing from either side accompanied by a scary rumbling sound, reminding us of the devastations made by the 2004 tsunami. The Museum also features an electronic simulation of the Indian Ocean earthquake, pictures of the casualties, and stories and testimonies of survivors.

The museum has two floors. The first floor is an open space area which serves as a reminder of the tsunami disaster. The second floor features educational media including a library, simulation rooms, 4D room, and a souvenirs shop. Some of the simulations is shown here are an earthquake resistant building and a model of the earth's crust. There is also a room displaying tsunami disaster paintings and a diorama.

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3. What is the topic of the text ?
4. On the second floor of the museum, visitors can .......
5. What is the main idea of the last paragraph ?

Text 9

Sangiran is an interesting place for scientific tourism in the field of geology, anthropology, and archaeology. Many experts come to this site to do research and studies. There is no other place in the world like Sangiran. The Sangiran fossils are very various. These fossils used to be flora and fauna from the earth surface and the sea. There was a possibility that the island of Java was appeared from the bottom of sea million years ago. The villagers ofSangiran are making souvenirs from stones such as the statues, axes, eggs, rings, etc to promote local tourism.

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6. Many archaeologists visit Sangiran ____ they want to do their research and study.

Text 10

Dear Bram,

CONGRATS on taking home the Best Art award tonight! It makes me so happy to see you thrive in art class. I have every bit of faith in you that you will only continue to excel in the years to come.



7. We are informed from the text that ____
8. Why was the text above written to Bram ?

Text 11

Commodore Yosaphat Yos Sudarso (24 November 1925 - 15 January 1962) was an Indonesian naval officer who was killed at the Battle of Arafura Sea. At the time of his death, Yos Sudarso was deputy chief of staff of lndonesian Navy and he was in charge of the action to infiltrate Dutch New Guinea.

The Battle near Etna Bay of the Arafura Sea stopped an attempt by the Indonesian Navy to drop off 150 soldiers in Kaimana in Dutch New Guinea to provoke the local people against the Dutch. Sudarso was in charge of the operation at sea. Three torpedo boats left the Aru Islands in the middle of the night but were stopped by a Dutch plane, as the Dutch warship anticipated the action for weeks. The Dutch Evertsen ship then joined and sank the KRI Macan Tutul, commanded by Sudarso. The other two ships -Macan Kumbang and Harimau- escaped, but one hit a reef and the other was shot. The Evertsen warship was able to save most occupants of the Macan Tutul, but at least three sailors died, among Macan Tutul and Harimau whom was commodore Sudarso. Before his death, he cried out the fighting spirit.

The action itself was a failure, but it opened new ways to free the Dutch New Guinea. The battle is now commemorated as Sea Sacrifice Day in Indonesia, an annual nationwide day of remembrance. Twelve years after his death, Yos Sudarso was officially awarded the title of lndonesian national hero.

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9. What is the topic of the text ?
10. What was the goal of the operation led by Yos Sudarso ?


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