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Perbedaan indefinite pronoun dan indefinite adjective serta contoh kalimatnya

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Pronoun (kata ganti) dan adjective (kata sifat) merupakan bagian dari part of speech bahasa Inggris. Lalu apa bedanya indefinite pronoun dengan indefinite adjective dan bagaimana contoh penggunaannya masing-masing dalam kalimat bahasa Inggris?

Pengertian Indefinite Pronoun dan Indefinite Adjective

Indefinite pronoun adalah indefinite yang digunakan untuk menggantikan noun atau kata benda dalam bahasa Inggris.

Indefinite Adjective adalah bentuk indefinite yang digunakan untuk menjelaskan noun atau kata benda.

Perbedaan Indefinite Pronoun Dan Indefinite Adjective

Indefinite pronoun digunakan untuk menggantikan unspesifik noun (kata benda). Indefinite Adjective digunakan untuk menjelaskan noun yang diikutinya.

Contoh Penggunaan Indefinite Pronoun dan Indefinite Adjective dalam Kalimat Bahasa Inggris


Indefinite Pronoun : you can use each of them now (kamu dapat menggunakan masing-masing nya sekarang)

Indefinite Adjective : each people have handphone and laptop (masng-masing orang memiliki hape dan laptop)


Indefinite Pronoun : There are several in my room (ada beberapa di runagan ku)

Indefinite Adjective : There are several students in the class (ada beberapa murid di dalam kelas)


Indefinite Pronoun : There are few in my house (ada beberapa di rumah ku)

Indefinite Adjective : There are few friends in this school (ada beberapa teman-teman di sekolah ini)

Latihan soal adjectives

I think they are ____ mechanical engineers.
It is important to write a ____ cover letter for a job resume.
She looked really ____ without make up.
The service was ____
You plants will grow ____ in spring and fall.
They all can speak English ____
How do you write so ____ ?
I want to be a ____ grammarian.
He run the company very ____
I want to know how to do ____ on exams.


Latihan soal pronouns

____ met ____ in the street and ____ told ____ all about it.
But now we are both happy and we love ____ .
- ____ is your daughter?
- ____ is an English teacher.
Michel can only guess ____ ____ think.
At last we've found our book, but where is ____?
There is the man ____ ____ saw in the park the other day.
It was clear they loved ____ .
Come at ____ time ____ is convenient to ____ .
____ of you can play the piano?
He was very angry because he couldn't find the report ____ .