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Penjelasan seputar prepositional collocation, jenis, dan contohnya (Part 3)

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a. at

  • aim (something) at= bertujuan
  • arrive a= tiba di
  • glance at= memandang sekilas, melirik
  • laugh at= mentertawakan, tertawa
  • look at= melihat
  • point at= menunjukkan, mengarahkan
  • shudder at= merasa ngeri
  • smile at= tersenyum kepada
  • stare at= memandang, menatap, memelototi


  • The train arrives at the station on time.
  • I keep glancing at her but she doesn’t give any response.
  • Don’t laugh at me, I am really annoyed.
  • Do you think girl smiling at me?
  • Don’t stare at me like that I’m afraid?

b. of

  • accuse (someone) of = menuding, menuduh
  • beware of= berhati-hati, hati-hati
  • conform of= setuju dengan
  • consent of=menyetujui, setuju
  • consist of=terdiri dari
  • approve of= setuju, menyetujui
  • dispose of= membuang
  • die of (an ilness)=mati karena (penyakit)
  • dream of (doing something)
  • dream about (something)= memikirkan, membayangkan, memimpikan
  • think of = memikirkan, memperkirakan
  • take care of = menjaga


  • Prabu accused Ratu of being selfish.
  • Beware of your head.
  • ‘What did he die of?’— ‘A heart attack.’
  • The group consists of four boys and three girls.
  • The boss approved of my proposal.
  • You are the girl I’m dreaming of.
  • Have a nice holiday. Take care of yourself.

c. for

  • ask (someone) for (something) = bertanya
  • blame (someone) for (something)
  • apply for = melamar
  • call for = datang mengambil, menjemput
  • care for = memelihara, mengasuh
  • leave (a place) for = berangkat/meninggalkan
  • look for = mencari
  • pray for = mendoakan, berdoa
  • search for = mencari/menyelidiki
  • wait for = menunggu


  • I wrote to the company asking them for more information about the job.
  • The police is searching for the escaped prisoner.
  • I think this job would suit you. Why don’t you apply for it?
  • I promise to call for her at the station so I have to go now.
  • My mother cares of me thoroughly.
  • I have been looking for you. Where have you been?
  • I will wait for you here until you come with a car.

d. to

  • apologize to (someone) for (something) = meminta maaf
  • belong to = milik
  • complain to (someone) about (something) = mengeluh kepada (seseorang) tentang (sesuatu)
  • explain (something) to = menjelaskan (sesuatu) kepada
  • happen to= menimpa
  • listen to= mendengarkan
  • object to= berkeberatan
  • point to= menunjukkan
  • reply to= menjawab
  • subscribe to= berlangganan
  • married to= nikah dengan
  • engaged to= bertunangan dengan
  • write to= menulis untuk/berkirim surat kepada


  • When I realized I was wrong,. I apologized to him for my mistake.
  • Linda is married to an American.
  • This house belongs to me.
  • Ratu’s parents wouldn’t consent to her marrying a foreigner.
  • The children are listening to a radio.
  • I object to your going so soon.
  • The needle in a compass points to the north.
  • I hope you will reply to my letter sooner.

e. on

  • agree on = setuju akan sesuatu
  • agree (with) = setuju dengan seseorang
  • call on = singgah, mampir
  • congratulate (someone) on (doing something) = mengucapkan selamat
  • concentrate on = berkonsentrasi pada
  • count on = mengharapkan
  • depend on = bergantung pada
  • land on = mendarat
  • impose on = memperdayakan (seseorang), mengganggu
  • insist on = menekankan, bertahan pada pendirian
  • live on = mempertahankan hidup
  • operate on = mengoperasi, membedah
  • rely on = mempercaya
  • resolve on = memutuskan


  • Don’t look out the window. Concentrate on your work!
  • Every body agrees on an early start.
  • I agreed with you to cancel the trip.
  • She called on me last night but I was not at home.
  • Solving this problems will depend on our will.
  • Ratu insisted on taking me to a good restaurant.
  • Never rely on such liar!

f. with

  • associate with = menghubungkan dengan
  • charge (someone) with = mendenda/mendakwa
  • collide with = bertubrukan dengan
  • coincide with = bertepatan dengan
  • cooperate with = bekerjasama dengan
  • deal with = menghadapi, memperlakukan
  • unite with = bersatu dengan


  • There was an accident this morning. A bus collided with a car.
  • If we talk about Challenger, it will be associated with space exploration.
  • Your wedding party coincided with Idul Adha.
  • I want all my employees to cooperate with one another to build a good team work.
  • Indonesian people should unite with one another.

g. from

  • absatain from = tidak memberi suara (dalam pemilihan).
  • differ from = membedakan, berbeda dengan
  • emerge from = muncul, timbul
  • escape from = melarikan diri, lolos, lepas dari
  • free from = melarikan diri, meloloskan diri dari
  • recover from = sembuh dari
  • suffer from = menderita karena
  • withdraw from = mengundurkan diri, menarik kembali


  • He abstained from voting.
  • Sundanese differs from Javanese in the way to treat other people.
  • Every once in a while we saw the dolphin emerge from the water.
  • The accused escaped from prison by bribing the guard.
  • Soeharto recovered from his illness after being treated for almost one year in Pertamina Hospital.
  • The child suffers from earache.

Latihan soal prepositions

We live ..... Indonesia.
Who is the person ..... this picture?
I have been waiting for you ..... six o'clock.
There is a bridge ..... the river.
What are you doing ..... the afternoon?
Mona's birthday is ..... the 7th of December.
Joni has been living in Jogja ..... five years.
Her Mother birthday is ..... May.
She don't like walking alone in the street ..... night.
Mona is playing badminton ..... Sunday.