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Penjelasan seputar prepositional collocation, jenis, dan contohnya (Part 2)

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Bagaimana contoh prepositional collocation bahasa Inggris?

d. in

  • efficient in = tepat guna
  • rich in = kaya akan
  • successful in = berhasil dalam


  • The machines has been very efficient in increasing the product.
  • Indonesia is rich in art and culture.
  • The astronauts were successful in landing on the moon.

e. with

  • angry with (someone) = marah kepada (seseorang); angry about (something) = marah tentang/akan (sesuatu)
  • annoyed with (someone) = tersinggung akan; anoyed about (something) = tersinggung akan (sesuatu)
  • furious with (someone) = marah pada; furious about = marah tentang
  • content with = puas dengan
  • familiar with = mengetahui, akrab dengan
  • patient with = sabar dengan
  • bored/fed up with = bosan/jenuh


  • What are you angry/annoyed about?
  • They were fuirous with me for not inviting them to the party.
  • Are you familiar with the guys in red?
  • Don’t be angry with me, I don’t mean to harm you.
  • Are you content with your present salary?
  • Mothers should be patient with the heavy households.
  • You get bored/fed up with doing the same thing everyday.

f. of

  • nice/kind/good of (someone to do something) = kebaikan seseorang
  • generous of (someone to do something) = kedermawanan seseorang
  • stupid/silly (someone to do something) = ketololan seseorang
  • intelligent/clever (someone to do something) = kepintaran seseorang sensible (someone to do something) = kepekaan seseorang
  • polite (someone to do something) = kesopanan seseorang
  • rude (someone to do something) = kekasaran seseorang
  • (tobe) nice/kind/good/generous/mean/(im)polite/rude/(un)pleasant/(un)friendly/cruel to someone.
  • afraid/frightened/terrified/scared of = takut akan
  • aware of = sadar akan/waspada akan
  • ashamed of = malu akan
  • capable of = sanggup/bisa
  • incapable of = tidak bisa/sanggup
  • careful of = hati-hati akan
  • certain of = yakin, pasti akan
  • conscious of = sadar akan
  • fond of = gemar akan
  • full of = penuh dengan
  • glad of = gembira akan
  • ignorant of = bodoh akan, tidak tahu innocent of = tak bersalah akan jealous of = cemburu akan
  • proud of = bangga akan
  • short of = kekurangan
  • suspicious of = curiga akan
  • envious of = iri hati akan


  • Thank you. It’s very nice of you to help me. (Anda baik sekali)
  • She has always been very nice to me. (baik pada saya)
  • I am not afraid of being rematched against Mike Tyson.
  • Sea divers should be aware of sharks.
  • Be careful of what you do.
  • The students are certain of getting good marks in linguistics course.
  • Are you conscious of how people will regard such behaviour?
  • Kids are usually fond of candy.
  • I am always proud of my father.
  • Why are you always so jelous of other people?
  • I’m sure you are capable of passing the exams.
  • I am a bit short of money. Can you lend me some?

g. to

  • acceptable to = dapat diterima
  • appropriate to = tepat, cocok
  • faithful to= setia kepada
  • friendly to= ramah terhadap, baik hati kepada
  • kind to= baik hati, ramah kepada
  • loyal to= setia kepada
  • bedient to= patuh kepada
  • pleasant to= menyenangkan
  • polite t= sopan kepada
  • rude to= kasar kepada
  • similar to= mirip, serupa dengan
  • strange to= aneh, ganjil
  • true to= setia, taat kepada


  • Is my behavior acceptable to Sundanese customs?
  • A dog is very faithful to its master.
  • Sundanese are always friendly to guests and visitors.
  • You are very kind to me.
  • Subordinates should be loyal to their supervisors.
  • Your bag is similar to mine.
  • The Indonesians are no longer strange to west-life style.