10 contoh soal ridd...

10 contoh soal riddles dan jawabannya (part 2)  


Yola Destya
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07/05/2019 10:24 pm  

Berikut adalah contoh soal teka-teki (riddles) bahasa Inggris dan jawabannya:

  1. What kind of clothes do lawyers wear?
  2. What do you have if an ax falls on your car?
  3. What animal breaks the law?
  4. How does an octopus go to war?
  5. What kind of bell doesn't ring?
  6. Yesterday had been Wednesday's tomorrow. Tomorrow is Sunday's yesterday. What day would be today?
  7. What 7 letter word becomes longer when the third letter is removed?
  8. What can you always find in the middle of a taxicab?
  9. What do you get between sunrise and sunset?
  10. What kind of clock is crazy?


  1. Lawsuits
  2. An Ax-I-dent (accident)
  3. A cheat-ah (cheetah)
  4. Armed
  5. Dumbell
  6. Friday
  7. Lounger
  8. The letter I
  9. Sunburned
  10. Cuckoo Clock (cuckoo - crazy)