Latihan soal expressions 4

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1. Nia and her brother, Budi, were talking in the verandah when Irna, Nia’s friend, came. Nia introduced her brother to Irna.
Nia: ____.
Irna: How do you do? Pleased to meet you.
Budi: How do you do.
2. “Good morning, students. How are you today?”
”____, teacher. We are fine, thank you. And you?”
Good, I’m very good.”
3. “Hello, How is everything?”
”____, just fine.”
4. “How have you been?”
Which of the following asnwers is not acceptable?
5. The following is what you say to someone when you meet him/her at night?
6. “Student: “____.”
Teacher: “Yes, you may.”
7. Rina forgot to bring her book. She wants to borrow a book to her friend, Nia.
Rina: “____.”
Nia: “No, here it is.”
8. Zahra: “____, mom?”
Mother: “Yes, certaintly. Is it comedy film?”
Zahra: “Yes, it is.”
9. Eko: “____.”
Rudi: “Yes, of course. Don’t forget to return it.”
10. Sandrina: “Rere, May I borrow your pen?”
Rere: “Certainly, here you are.
The underlined utterance expresses ____.


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