Latihan soal expressions 3 (leave-taking 1)

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1.All of the leave-taking following expressions are correct, except ____
2.Titin: "Will you have some more tea, please?"
Mahrum: "No, thank you. Well, it's nearly 10 o'clock. ____. Good night."
3.Budi: "I'm afraid I'll have to go now."
Andi: "Do you have to go so soon?"
Budi: "Yes, good night, Andi."
Andi: "Good night. See you tomorrow."

The underlined utterance means that Budi wanted ____ Andi.

4.Teacher: "Is there anything else you want to know?"
Students: "That's all I want to know."
Teacher: "Alright, then see you tomorrow, class!"

The underlined utterance expresses ____

5.Ronald is at the railway station to see Zahra off to study in Singapore.

Ronald: "Well, I'm afraid it's time to say goodbye. Have a good journey, Zahra!. Don't forget to write me letters."
Zahra: "I won't, ____ Ronald."

6.Before Seanu goes to bed, he says to his parents:
7.You are sending a friend off at the airport. He is going on a holiday. Just before he boards the plane, you say to him:
8.It's 9 p.m. Nancy is going to bed, so she says to other members of the family:
9.Girl: "I'm afraid it is already late at night."
Boy: "Oh, yes. I ____ now."
Girl: "Take care."
Boy: "I'll call you."
10.Setiawan: "You know, I think I should be getting on my way."
Djuharie: "I should get going too."
Setiawan: "____"