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Contoh dialog bahasa Inggris tentang perkenalan di mall

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Jika kita tidak kenal dengan seseorang, maka berkenalanlah. Bagaimana cara berkenalan dalam bahasa Inggris?

Berikut ini contoh percakapan atau dialog bahasa Inggris tentang perkenalan di mall.

  • Andy : Hi, may I sit here?
  • Windy : Yes of course.
  • Andy : By the way, I am Andy.
  • Windy : Owh, I am Windy. What are you doing here Andy?
  • Andy : I am waiting for my mom.
  • Windy : Is she shopping in this mall?
  • Andy : Yes. How about you? 
  • Windy : So do I, I am waiting for my mom too. 
  • Andy : Really? So we have the same reason why sitting here. 
  • Windy : Yaph. Are you a student? 
  • Andy : Yes I am a student of English Department in University of Lampung. What about you? 
  • Windy : I also a student of English Department too, but in another University and next year I hope I can graduate. 
  • Andy : Nice. What’s your plan after graduate from that University? 
  • Windy : Looking for a job and I aim to be a teacher in a high quality school. What about you? Will you graduate next year too? 
  • Andy : Yes, I hope so. But I don’t know, I haven’t created my plan yet. 
  • Windy : It should be planned from now. Where do you live Andy? 
  • Andy : I live on Jl Sudirman 05. It’s near from this mall. May I know your home too? 
  • Windy : Unfortunately, I live so far from your home. My home is located on Jl Teuku Umar street 45. 
  • Andy : Good, that’s an elite living place, right?
  • Windy : Yaph, many people say that, but I don’t think so.  Andy, my mother has send me a message and I have to pick her up.
  • Andy : Really? Yes no problem. 
  • Windy : Ok, nice to see you Andy.
  • Andy : Nice to see you.


  • Andy: Hai, bolehkah saya duduk di sini?
  • Windy: Ya tentu saja.
  • Andy: Ngomong-ngomong, saya Andy.
  • Windy: Owh, saya Windy. Apa yang kamu lakukan di sini Andy?
  • Andy: Saya menunggu ibu saya.
  • Windy: Apakah dia berbelanja di mal ini?
  • Andy: Ya. Bagaimana dengan kamu?
  • Windy: Aku juga, aku juga menunggu ibuku.
  • Andy: Benarkah? Jadi kami memiliki alasan yang sama mengapa duduk di sini.
  • Windy: Yaph. Apakah Anda pelajar?
  • Andy: Ya, saya mahasiswa Jurusan Bahasa Inggris di Universitas Lampung. Bagaimana dengan anda?
  • Windy: Saya juga mahasiswa Jurusan Bahasa Inggris, tapi di Universitas lain dan tahun depan saya berharap bisa lulus.
  • Andy: Bagus. Apa rencanamu setelah lulus dari Universitas itu?
  • Windy: Sedang mencari pekerjaan dan saya ingin menjadi guru di sekolah berkualitas tinggi. Bagaimana dengan anda Apakah Anda akan lulus tahun depan juga?
  • Andy: Ya, saya harap begitu. Tapi saya tidak tahu, saya belum membuat rencana saya.
  • Windy: Itu harus direncanakan dari sekarang. Di mana kamu tinggal Andy?
  • Andy: Saya tinggal di Jl Sudirman 05. Dekat dari mall ini. Bolehkah saya tahu rumah anda juga.
  • Windy: Sayangnya, saya tinggal jauh dari rumah Anda. Rumah saya terletak di Jl Teuku Umar 45.
  • Andy: Bagus, itu tempat tinggal elit, bukan?
  • Windy: Yaph, banyak orang bilang begitu, tapi menurut saya tidak.
  • Andy, ibuku telah mengirimiku pesan dan aku harus menjemputnya.
  • Andy: Benarkah? Iya tidak masalah.
  • Windy: Ok, senang bertemu denganmu Andy.
  • Andy: Senang melihatmu.
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Latihan soal conversations

Mr. Jim: Would you like milk or sugar in your coffee?
Mr. Jon: Neither, thank you.
Mr. Jim: So, what do you want?
Mr. Jon: ____
Man: Excuse me, is this seat taken?
Woman: No, please sit down.
Man: By the way, what is the announcement about?
Woman: Flight ticket 505 to Denpasar is delayed.
What does the man ask the woman when he sees her?
Alan: Hi, Jon. Do you fancy playing chess?
Joni: Oh, no thanks, I don't really feel like playing chess. How about going out instead.
Alan: it sounds good. Do you like eating at the Padang Restaurant?
Joni: I really do not like it. How about going to the theatre?
Alan: I love it. There is a new movie.
Joni: Well I really keen on it. Let's go.

"Well I really keen on it. Let's go." What does this sentence mean?
Man: Hot today, isn’t?
Woman: Yes, it is. I wish that it would rain and cool off.
Man: Me too. This is unusual for March. I don’t remember it ever being so hot and dry in March before.
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Woman: Can I help you, sir?
Man: May I have another glass, please?
Woman: Sure. Would you like to have one or two?
Man: I think one will be enough.
Woman: Alright. Would you like anything else?
Man: No. That's all. Thank you.
Woman: You're welcome. I'll be right back with your glass.
What does the woman probably do next?
Girl: Excuse me. May I see Mr. Kusuma?
Man: I am so sorry. He has just left this room. What can I do for you?
Girl: Just tell him that I have left my assignment on his desk.
Man: Sure. I will inform him of it.
Girl: Thank you.
Man: You're welcome.

Where does the dialogue probably take place?
Woman: What do you think of my appearance. Do I look okay?
Man: Well, yes but it will be more elegant if you wear a long black dress.
Woman: Alright.
What is the dialogue about?
Girl: Excuse me. May I see Mr. Kusuma?
Man: I am so sorry. He has just left this room. What can I do for you?
Girl: Just tell him that I have left my assignment on his desk.
Man: Sure. I will inform him of it.
Girl: Thank you.
Man: You're welcome.

What does the girl request the man to do?
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Rudy: ____ but I have to take care of my father. He has been hospitalized for three days.
Man: Did you have a nice flight, ma'am?
Woman: Yes, but a little turbulence.
Man: Let me help you with the bag.
Woman: Thank you. It's very kind of you.
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Woman: A taxi will be OK with me.
Man: But, getting a taxi at this time may be difficult.
Woman: No problem, I'll wait.
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