Berikan contoh slog...

Berikan contoh slogan/iklan produk dan jasa berbahasa inggris​

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Mohon buatkan atau berikan contoh slogan/iklan produk dan jasa berbahasa Inggris​

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iklan Persuasif (Iklan Restoran)

iklan Restoran

You’ll need a snorkel to see more fish

experience the stunning variety of fresh seafood, steak, and pasta selections at Wahooo.

Where exotic local ingredients and mouthwatering sauce come together in a symphony of flavours.

join us in our relaxed island-style seafood grill and bar for a tropical libation,

a casual lunch, or an intimate sunset dinner

Wahooo, Seafood grill and Bar

Open 7 days a week, –, Reservation Recomended : 822-7833

Maaf kalau salah 🙂

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@fahrul thank you very much