17 contoh comment clause dan kalimatnya

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Comment clause atau klausa kecil/singkat berfungsi untuk menambahkan komentar pada apa yang dikatakan di klausa utama/kalimat. Untuk lebih jelasnya lihat contoh:

A: "What time will the class start?"

B: "At ten, I suppose."

"I suppose" = comment clause. "comment clause" bisa terletak di awal, akhir, atau tengah klausa utama. Struktur comment clause biasanya: "Subject + Verb".

Apa saja yang termasuk dalam "comment clause"? 

Di bawah ini adalah contoh comment clause berikut penggunaannya dalam kalimat.

  1. "I think". e.g. "She is a nurse, I think."; "You need to register before taking the test, I think."
  2. "you see". e.g. "The problem is, you see, we don't have enough money."; "This book, you see, is very useful."
  3. "As you know". e.g. "As you know, our company has recently grown bigger."; "As you know, I like English."
  4. "As I've said before". e.g. "As I've said before, we need to pay more attention to details when we write."
  5. "I'm sure". e.g. "You will pass the test, I'm sure."; "He will come soon to pick you up, I'm sure."
  6. "I'm afraid". e.g. "I don't think you can do that, I'm afraid."; "She's not coming, I'm afraid."
  7. "I admit". e.g. "You're good at this, I admit."; "She's a very fluent English speaker, I admit."
  8. "I gather". e.g. "They're not together anymore, I gather."; "So you've heard the news from him, I gather."
  9. "I dare say". e.g. "They've got the best coffee in town, I dare say."; "English is easy, I dare say."
  10. "you know". e.g. "The place, you know, is very popular."; "My sister, you know, is very shy."
  11. "mind you". e.g. "Mind you, I don't want to be judgmental, but I don't like the looks of him."
  12. "you must admit". e.g. "He's got a good voice, you must admit."; "The party was great, you must admit."
  13. "I suppose". e.g. "The class starts at ten, I suppose."; "We don't have to do that, I suppose."
  14. "I believe". e.g. "She's from Indonesia, I believe."; "The test went well, I believe."
  15. "in fact". e.g. "In fact, it was love at first sight."; "In fact, I didn't quite understand English."
  16. "so to speak". e.g. "I love my cat. She's my baby, so to speak."; "He does all his boss' tasks, so to speak."
  17. "heaven knows". e.g. "I'm not perfect, heaven knows."; "She's been doing a great job, heaven knows."
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