Latihan soal elliptical constructions 6

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Sue: "I didn't enjoy the movie last night."
Bob: "Neither did I."

From the dialogue we know that ____.
2. Jannat: How long can you stay under water?
Nadia: I can stay there ____ I can hold my breath
3. Alaskan forest ____ five or six miles inland from Pacific coast.
4. The luggage is twice the baby's weight. The luggage is ____ the baby.
5. Bob: I won't come to the meeting tomorrow. What about you?
Janet: Well, I'm afraid ____.
6. They can neither give him a part-time job, ____ as a trainee in their company.
7. The successful athletes got medals and money means: "They got ____ medals but also money."
8. I think that my mother will be interested in reading this novel, but ____.
9. His shop was burnt down ____ his car that was parked nearby.
10. In evaluating your progress, the teacher will take into account ____, attitude, and achievements.