Latihan soal elliptical constructions 4

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1. Everyone laighed at his jokes, ____.
2. Rudi agreed that everybody had to pay Rp 100.000, for the study tour to Darma, ____.
3. Rina’s mother can’t speak English well, ____.
4. My uncle doesn’t smoke, ____.
5. His shop was burnt down, ____ his car that was parked near by.
6. I think you had better tell her the truth before somebody else ____.
7. “I haven’t heard anything from “Rani”. “____.”
8. I think that my mother will be interested in reading this novel, but ____.
9. “I wonder if your sister likes seafood.”
”Oh, yes, she ____.”
10. I don’t think Budi knows anything about computer.”
But he ____. He too a computer course last year.”