Latihan soal elliptical construction 1

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Make elliptical construction from the following sentences.

1. The boy did the test very well, and David ____.

2. He shouldn’t try to repair the printer himself, and ____you.

3. This car cost 120 million rupiahs, and _____ his car over there.

4. Inem doesn’t like working hard and Inah ____.

5. His car needs repairing, and ____ mine.

6. Nottingham Forest team have lost three matches, and Leichester City team ____.

7. Indonesia is struggling to recover from economic crisis, and ____ some other Asian countries.

8. Those trousers are not too expensive, and ____ these ones.

9. She has a large collection of rare stamps, and ____ on of my brothers.

10. The enemy soldiers fired continuously at us, and ____ their tanks.