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1. The flower can be ____ grouped into type depending upon how often they bloom.
2. A list of key beliefs of world class performers is the important material in coaching mental ____.
3. The little girl is taking care of the puppy with ____.
4. ____ angles of any triangle always add up to 180 degress.
5. The bodies of living creatures are organized into many different systems, each of which has ____ function.
6. ____, Carl Sandburg is also well-known for his multi volume biography of Lincoln.
7. The Hawthorne studies, ____ the monotonous working conditions of factory personnel, were a major contribution to industrial psychology.
8. Vaporization in connection with general ____ has a marked effect on long-term climate.
9. ____ discussion of group personality would be complete without a consideration of national character.
10. The javelin used in competition must be between 260 and 270 centimeters ____.


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