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1. The thing with many Asian foods is the may not look ____ but they’re quite delicious actually.
2. Jane is a real sucker for chocolates. She finds them absolutely ____
3. Kevin knew that the knot was loose and it could unravel anytime. So, he took an initiative and ____ it without being told to.
4. We all had expected that the show would run ____ because the people who were involved in it did not really prepare for it well.
5. The world would be a much better place to live only if people were not so ____ to different political views or religious beliefs.
6. All ____ don’t mind telling lies, so long as those lies can make them closer to win the elections.
7. X: The new grocery store offers lower prices, but it takes me 3 buses to get there. It’s so ____
Y: matbe you should stick with the old one. It’s more expensive but more practical.
8. Mr. Anderson’s company is looking for ____ who can work under pressure and have good communication skills.
9. When I was in Belrin, I asked an elderly woman for a direction to the nearest subway station. I must have ____ her because I ended up in a wrong place altogether.
10. X: Do you think men drive ____ than women in your country?
Y: I think so, especially at night when many of them are drunk.


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