Latihan soal degrees of comparisons 4

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Put the adjective and adverb in the brackets into the comparative form to complete the following sentences.


The ____ they become, the ____ they fall. (big, hard)


The bigger they become, the harder they fall.

1. The you are, the you are to a hearth attack. (fat, liable)

2. The we control pollution, the the environment will be. (much, clean)

3. The the lecturer went on, the the students became. (long, sleepy)

4. The he gets, the he becomes. He suffers from rheumatism, and the trouble is that the he does, the it gets . (old, irritable, little, bad)

5. a) The they have to wait, the they'll become, and the they'll complain. (long, impatient, much)

b) I don't mind. The they shout, the I am to take any notice of them. (much, likely)


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