Latihan soal degrees of comparisons 3

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Complete these sentences with the correct form of adjective given in brackets.


I know the exams are the busiest time of year for you, but you ought to be more patient with students. (busy, patient)

1. He was much the same as I had remembered him though he had grown and . But his hair was even and he had a expression. (heavy, thick, curly, pleasant)

2. They were suspicious of us at first but eventually, they became and . (friendly, relaxed)

3. Considering everything you have done for them, they ought to be and to help. (grateful, willing)

4. He is one of the people I have ever met. He parked his car in the street in the village, and when another driver complained, he just got and . In the end, a policeman came and fined him. Perhaps he’ll be in the future. (stupid, narrow, angry, awkward, careful)