Latihan soal conjunctions 5

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1. ..... the cold weather, we stayed home.
2. ..... his hard work, he is now a very successful businessman.
3. ..... his lack of courage, Nathan didn’t participate in the competition.
4. ..... my car was stolen, I will have to rent a car for the next few days.
5. ..... the change in the weather, we have decided not to go to the parade.
6. ..... the lights don’t work, you’ll need a flashlight when you go down into the basement.
7. ..... I lost mine, I am going to ask my friend if I can borrow his calculator for the tomorrows exam.
8. ..... its facilities serve the public very well, this hotel is highly rated.
9. ..... her sickness, She didn’t go to the supermarket
10. All the flights were cancelled ..... the harsh weather conditions.


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