Latihan soal conditional sentences 21

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Complete the following conditional sentences with suitable phrases. Look at the example given.
Ok, Ok, I'll lend you the money as long as you ____ next week.
Ok, Ok, I'll lend you the money as long as you pay me back next week.

1. What would you do if your car from anywhere?

2. If you woollen clothes in hot water, they shrink.

3. Quite frankly, I think you're going to fail the exam unless harder.

4. I know he's hardly ever around these days but if you tell him to get back in touch.

5. But supposing our train is late, how the airport on time?

6. I can't get off to sleep at night unless a hot drink.

7. If my boyfriend spoke to me like that his face.

8. You can borrow my video camera on condition that properly.

9. If you drop a cat, it always on its feet.

10. I'd apply for that job as an interpreter if better Italian.