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Latihan soal conditional sentences 17  

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1. If you got a bunch of money, ____ it on stupid things?
2. If the student had got enough sleep, she ____ difficulties in reading the material.
3. If I ____ you, I would look for my passion to find a new career.
4. When he ____ to sleep, he never counts sheep leaping over fences.
5. If I advise her about travelling by plane with children, ____ to me?
6. It would be convenient if the button to lower volume on my PC ____ properly.
7. ____ good quality cookware, we mightn't have needed to get rid of burnt taste in this food.
8. Your calls ____ if you had replied her text message fast.
9. Unless it rains, I ____ clothes in the sun instead of using the dryer.
10. Your sister ____ to you if you don't stop yelling at her.
11. If adults ____ a single espresso, it can slow the flow of blood to their heart.
12. ____ I tall, I would consider joining the army.