Latihan soal conditional sentences 11

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Make the zero conditional.


  • If I ____ (wake up) late, I ____ (be) late for work.
  • If my husband (cook), he (burn) the food.


  • If I wake up late, I am late for work.
  • If my husband cooks, he burns the food.

1. If Julie (not/wear) a hat, she (get) sunstroke.

2. If children (not/eat) well, they (not/be) healthy.

3. If you (mix) water and electricity, you (get) a shock.

4. If people (eat) too many sweets, they (get) fat.

5. If you (smoke), you (get) yellow fingers.

6. If children (play) outside, they (not/get) overweight.

7. If you (heat) ice, it (melt).

8. If I (speak) to John, he (get) annoyed.

9. I (feel) good the next day if I (go) to bed early.

10. Lots of people (come) if Jenny (have) a party.