Latihan soal conditional sentences 10

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1. The man hit by car yesterday would have died if the doctors had not immediately operated on him.
From the above sentence, we may conclude that ____
2. "If I had known that you were in Surabaya, I would have shown you some interesting places."
3. "Had the company been fair in giving bonuses, the employees would not have gone on strike."
4. "If I hadn't booked in advance, I would have had difficulties in geting good accomodation at a reasonable price."
Had the make up class been announced earlier, more student would have attended the lecture.
6. If I work harder, I ____ my paper in due time.
7. Anggi: Why weren't you in class yesterday
Rindy: I was sick. If I hadn't eaten spicy food, I wouldn't have had a stomachache.
The sentence mean ____
8. X: John had drwan all his money because he needed it for his father's operation.
Y: ____ if his father's health had not been in a such bad condition.
9. Lucy: Many of the participants were dissapointed because they expected to have a serious talk with the minister of women's affairs.
10. "Why didn't you be those shoes? You seemed to like them"
I would have, if they had been cheaper."