Bagaimana contoh kalimat past continuous tense?

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Mohon diberikan contoh kalimat past continuous tense..

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Posted by: @juned
Mohon diberikan contoh kalimat past continuous tense..

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Hello Juned,

Sebelum membuat kalimat past continuous tense, kita perlu mengetahui dulu fungsi tenses ini yaitu:

  1. Menyatakan tindakan yang sedang berlangsung di masa lalu.
  2. Menyatakan kegiatan sela yang sedang berlangsung.
  3. Menyatakan kegiatan yang sedang berlangsung pada waktu yang sama dimasa lalu.
  4. Pertanyaan bersyarat/sopan.

To be yang digunakan:

  • You, They, We + were
  • I She, He, It, My Mom + was

Contoh kalimat dan rumusnya:


subjek + to be (was/were) + verb-ing + objek

Contoh: He was sleeping when I came. (Dia sedang tidur ketika saya datang.)


subjek + was/were + not + verb-ing + objek

Contoh: He was not sleeping when I came. (Dia tidak sedang tidak ketika saya datang.)


was/were + subjek + verb-ing + objek


Was he sleeping when I came? (Apakah dia sedang tidur ketika saya datang?)

Contoh lainnya:

  • Two children were playing

    on the sand and two fisherman were leaning against an upturned boat.

  • From the sounds it was clear that Mary was practicing

    the piano.

  • He was a little mad. He was always trying

    to prove that earth was flat.

  • It was a fine day and the road crowded because a lot of people were rushing

    to the seaside.

  • He usually wears sandals, but when I saw him, he was wearing


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@ikoh_ar, thank you very much ?