Answer These Questions Based On The Text Below

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No. 1-6,Answer These Questions Based On The Text Below.

Tika : who is your English teacher now?
Herman : His name is Jack Rosewater.
Tika : Is He is as old as Mr. Anderson?
Herman : No, he is younger and nicer. He’s just 28 yearsold.
Tika : what does he look like?
Herman : He is very handsome. He is taller than all my
classmates,his eyes are brown and his hair isblack.
Tika : Is he British?
Herman : No,he is American.
Tika : what is he doing in Paris?
Herman : He is studying French, because he is going to
work as a French teacher in his country.
Tika : I see. He practices with you and at the same
time he earns some money. He is very smart.

1. Who is Herman’s English teacher?..
2. What does he look like ? He’s….
3. How old is Jack Rosewater ?...
4. Where does Jack Rosewater teach ?...
5. He is very smart. The synonym word of ‘ Smart ‘ is…
6. Mr Anderson is …than Mr.

tolong dijawab!​

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1) Jack Rosewater

2) Very Handsome,taller than all Herman's classmate,His eyes brown,and his Hair is black

3) 28 years old

4) French

5) Clever

6) Younger than Mr.Jack Rosewater