Latihan soal articles 3

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Put "a", "an", or "-" (leave the space without "a" or "an").

1. have you got headache?

2. Are most of your friends students?

3. Would you like to be actor?

4. Have you got camera?

5. Prabu has got big feet.

6. Do you collect stamps?

7. Those are really nice trousers. Where did you buy them?

8. What beautiful garden?

9. What lonely children!

10. Seanu has got very long legs, so he is fast runner.

11. You need visa to visit foreign countries.

12. Mr. Setiawan is teacher, but his parents were farmers.

13. Ani direct films. She is film director.

14. Rina teaches mathematics. She is math teacher.

15. Lidya is secretary, she types letters and receives telephones in her office.


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