Latihan soal adverbs 9 (adverbs of frequency 4)

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Lengkapi kalimat di bawah ini dengan adverb of frequency dan verb (simple present tense) sesuai dengan informasi di dalam kurung.


Indonesia ____ (always, celebrate) its independence day in August.


Indonesia always celebrates its independence day in August.

1. She (never, be) ready when I pick her up.

2. The workers (seldom, be) late for work.

3. He (often, feel) overly tired after eating.

4. I (usually, double-check) my front door before leaving for work.

5. Rafista (never, drink) coffee in the morning.

6. The swimming pool (rarely, be) busy, so I feel that I have it.

7. We (hardly ever, see) each other because of our different routines.

8. How (often, do) you exercise? At least once a week.