Latihan soal adverbs 7

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1. My grandfather walks extremely slowly. The adverb "extremely" modifies
2. Your roommate drives quite fast, doesn't she? The adverb "quite" modifies
3. We rarely go to the movies on the weekends. The adverb "rarely" modifies
4. Our house is practically on the highway. The adverb "practically" modifies
5. Obviously, I could be wrong. The adverb "obviously" modifies
6. My niece reads well for a five-year old. The word "well" is
7. Your friend Robert drives a fast car. The word "fast" is
8. I never buy fruit at the grocery store. The word "never" is
9. That's a lovely painting. The word "lovely" is
10. Sometimes I feel very lonely. The word "lonely" is


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