Latihan soal adjectives 2

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Choose the correct form, adjective or adverb!


The couple had to work ____ for a living (HARD). But if you look at other people, they ____ work at all. (HARD)


The couple had to work hard for a living. But if you look at other people, they hardly work at all.

1. He looked at me when I interrupted him. (ANGRY)

2. Alice and Stan are very married. (HAPPY)

3. I lost the match because I was playing very (BAD). It was even than the last game. (BAD)

4. Nobody knew he was coming. He arrived so . (UNEXPECTED)

5. My French isn't very but I can understand him if he speaks . (GOOD, PERFECT, SLOW)

6. Dian is upset about losing her job. (TERRIBLE)

7. The children behaved very . (GOOD)

8. Most people have heard about him. They are very informed. (GOOD)

9. Expensive hotels are often than ones. (COMFORTABLE, CHEAP)

10. It's the painting in his whole collection. (VALUABLE)


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