Latihan soal adjective clause 3

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Isilah titik-titik di bawah ini sehingga menjadi kalimat dengan adjective clause yang tepat!


Ari lived a house ..... cost one billion rupiahs.


which > Ari lived a house which cost one billion rupiahs.

1. Today is the day moeslem people celebration Lebaran.

2. It was my best friend hit the badminton ball over the net.

3. The woman has six children is my mother.

4. She has a house has a beautiful garden.

5. Luna is the woman we are going to recommended for secretary.

6. My mother is angry in this room.

7. I do not like his friend my son is talking to.

8. The girl father gave a present for her birthday is happy.

9. The Jakarta is the big city I was born.

10. Rama is a handsome young man is my brother.