Latihan soal adjective clause 2

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Isilah titik-titik di bawah ini sehingga menjadi kalimat dengan adjective clause yang tepat!


The man ..... lives across the school is my uncle.


Who > The man who lives across the school is my uncle.

1. The girl umbrella is on the rain is my little sister.

2. The student I met is Mariam.

3. Do you wear the dress I gave it to you for your birthday?

4. Can you see the cat is on the fence?

5. I still remember the place we meet last week.

6. Give me reason you leave me alone!

7. Bali is located in Indonesian, was my favorite destination to visit.

8. Special prizes are available for the class wins in the English contest.

9. Someone sent her a message made her angry all day long.

10. The little boy is running around my home in my neighbor’s son.