Latihan soal passive voices 3

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1. Jack sang a song yesterday. (make a passive form)
2. A great part of the foreign aid was used to rebuild schools that ____ destroyed by the tsunami.
3. You can’t enter the room because it ____ now.
4. Her primary school, SDN Renokenongo II, disappeared underthe mud and her former schoolmates ____ relocated to different camps.
5. This radio ____ because it is badly out of order.
6. “Are the workers still doing the work at that moment?”
”No, The work ____ an hour ago.”
7. “Where are the chairs.” “They were still here an hour ago.”
Well, the chairs ____ to the meeting room.”
8. Which is correct?
9. Nobody helped him to finish the work. (make passive)
10. “The boys have been told the good news” Mean ____


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