Latihan soal passive voices 18

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1. The Remembrance Day and the Veteran's Day ___ on the 11th of November every year.
2. I hope that the truth ___ very soon.
3. Everything ___ before you came.
4. -Did the company test the equipment yesterday?
-Yes it _____.
5. People go to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier to stand in silence for a minute to honor the memory of those who ___ in wars.
6. The sports competitions which ___ on Sunday ___ by a lot of people.
7. The inspector is not in the town. He ___ to another place some days ago.
8. This story ___ to everybody as the name of the first space pioneer ___ in the heart of people all over the world.
9. The business letter ___ just ___ .
10. Business letters ___ usually on special forms.


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